First Day of School!

Today was Jack’s first day of 4K!  I took an “off to school” picture outside before we left and the whole time he complained it was too sunny that he couldn’t smile right. Of course Jacey needed to be in one too, so I took another of the two of them.

Jack walked right into his room, greeted his teacher and found his “locker” to hang his backpack.  He also picked his name tag out of a big stack and sat down at the table to play Legos until everyone else arrived.  There was so much commotion he hardly noticed when Jacey and I left.  Jacey and I ran errands this morning and she talked non-stop.  I guess she felt the need to fill in the quiet with her own chatter!  When we picked Jack up from school I was asking him all about his morning.  The only thing he could remember so far was that when he has to go potty, he doesn’t need to ask, he can just go.  Apparently that was really important to know!

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  1. Lori

    Wow…kids in school already. Sounds like he did great.

    I see that Jacey left her ladybug boots at home.

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