Still Life in Watercolors (and stickers)

Today Jack, Jacey and I got out the watercolor paints, the markers, stickers and colored pom poms.  Let’s see if you can guess the artist… although all the titles were straight out of Jack’s mouth.  Also, a side note, WOW! watercolors have improved since I last remember using them, the colors are very vibrant!

Exhibit A, titled “Airplane in a Cloud”

Exhibit B, titled “A Big Pond with Lots of Fish Swimming Around”

Exhibit C, titled “Oh Some Squiggly Lines Because Jacey Can’t Draw Yet”

Exhibit D, titled “Why Do the Train Tracks End Right There It Will Fall Off”

Exhibit E, titled “My Boat Can’t Get to the Dock Because the Water is All Swirly”

Exhibit F, titled “You Used a Lot Of Stickers Mommy”

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