First Week of Summer – 2016

The first week of summer is so exciting for all of us!  We started with the great bedroom purge.  The girls cleared out bags of recycling, garbage, and goodwill.  The “after” photo shows how lovely their room looks again!


We set up a backyard pool which has been used every single day so far.  The kids are doing a great job of cleaning it and plugging in the filter when they are done for the day.  Now if I can train them to not walk through the house with wet feet…


Both the girls are in gymnastics at the Y in Kimberly.  We plan our mornings around this, usually going to the Y for class, staying after for open gym for a bit, packing a lunch and then errands or parks or both on the way home.  The weather has been a bit on the chilly side, so one day had our picnic in the van! The kids are a big help now at the grocery store, so we hit that up on the way home.

IMG_6557 IMG_6575 IMG_6576

Went to a graduation party for our family friend, Bob.  Jacey’s favorite thing was the mechanical bull!  Jack tried it, but wasn’t a fan.  Jacey rode it TEN TIMES!  June was sad she was too little.  Maybe when Bob’s brother Ryan graduates, she’ll be big enough!

IMG_6547 IMG_6530 IMG_6525

First week of summer has been a blast!


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