April Fool!

This year I actually had a plan for April Fools Day!   The kids were trying to get me before school about crazy animals in the backyard, so of course I had to keep running to the window because they thought it was so hilarious to “fool” me.  While they were gone, June and I made cherry jello, but put it in cups with a straw.

It hardened nicely by the time school was over, and when Jack and Jacey came running in they spied the cups on the counter.  Jacey was excited that I made “kool-aid” for them.  They both started sucking on their straws… and sucking and sucking…  the looks on their faces were priceless.  Jacey even started tipping her cup over and just couldn’t figure out why the “kool-aid” wasn’t moving!  Finally they pulled their straws out and realized it was JELLO!  Ha!  April Fools on them!

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