Jacey is 6!

Jacey had a great birthday weekend.  We had a LOT of stuff going on!  Thursday night we made s’mores on a stick for her school birthday treat.  Jacey and June were good helpers getting the marshmallows on the stick and chocolate on the crackers…and eating everything in between.

Friday after school we were invited to a “Frozen” party!  There would be decorations, crafts, snowflake sandwiches, and a viewing of the movie frozen.  14 kids, 5 moms, lots of food.  We made puppy chow with purple and maroon m&m’s because those seemed to go with the theme.  The kids had a great time!  They spent their time playing, coloring, and singing along to the movie.

Saturday Jacey had soccer and then two of her friends came over to play, eat macaroni, do a few crafts, have a cupcake and open presents.  The girls were very well behaved and seemed to really enjoy the stickers and foam door hangers that we had for them to work on.

Jacey had a great party!  Afterward she got invited to see a St Patty’s Day parade with her friend Madelyn.  We followed it all up with Chinese food for dinner and movie all snuggled up on the couch.

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  1. Lori

    Happy Birthday to Jacey! Looks like she had tons of fun!

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