Jack came home from school one day excited to tell me that he was going to be a “rapper” in the 2nd grade musical.  He handed me the sheet of what he would need to wear, along with a list of the parts. I’m not exactly sure if he has a solo, he is a part of the “meteor soloist and rappers”.   Other than the list, he’s been pretty secretive about it. The program is called “Spaced Out” and is about space, including the 9 planets, sun, moon, facts about the history and discoveries in space and the hope for a bright future.  Some of the speaking parts include:  Carl Sagan, Copernicus, Aristotle, Sally Ride, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Robert Frost, Tsiolkovsky, Will Rogers, and President Kennedy.  Otherwise the kids are a planet, sun, moon, star, astronaut or alien.

He was very adamant that besides wearing black, he would need some big chains for his neck and a flashy belt.  June and I went to Goodwill to see what we could do.  Needless to say, he loved what we found for him.

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