Early in December we got out the decorations.  The kids decorated their tree in the sun-room with all their own ornaments.  Zippy the Elf appeared on St Nick night, up to his usual mischief.

We got a bunny from the humane society in early December.  June and I have been looking for awhile, visiting bunnies and petting them.  We got attached to little Stanley-bunny and got to bring him home.  June takes her job feeding Stanley very seriously and makes sure he gets a carrot and scratch behind his ears every day.

The Olson family had their annual Christmas get-together at Aunt Marion and Uncle Jim’s house.  It was a cold day, but lots of fun to see everyone.  Lots of family, presents, food, fun and chaos.  June helped herself to snacks on Papa’s snack plate.  We ended up with a nice family photo in front of their fireplace.  Justin didn’t get the memo on wearing stripes this year.

We had our little family Christmas gift exchange the weekend before Christmas.  The kids and Justin found me a new winter hat and a Lego to build ALL BY MYSELF.  Actually, that night everyone else went to bed (even Justin) and so I stayed up with my hot cocoa, the Sound of Music on tv, building my lego in the peace and quiet by the light of the Christmas tree.  Jack and Jacey each got their own kayak this year.  They unwrapped the paddles and just sort of looked at them… and then Justin walked in from the garage hauling kayaks.  They were very excited.  We did some kayaking last summer with the kids trying their own kayak, so I think this will be a fun summer getting out to paddle.  Until then, they all had fun “paddling” in the kitchen and going on adventures to different islands and lakes.

Then it was off to Stillwater, Minnesota for Christmas.  Auntie Mo and Ken flew in from Seattle.  It was a nice week of great food and fun.

Granny and Grump’s house is on the lake so we trekked down there to do some snowshoeing and had the kids try to burn off all the sugar they had consumed.  June tried Jacey’s snowshoes for awhile, she’ll definately need her own pair soon.  She really liked it.  We spent most of the time going from downed tree to downed tree around the edge of the lake and the kids would climb all over it… and then trek to the next one.

Another fun project was to make gingerbread houses… out of graham crackers.  I guess they were graham cracker houses.  I think the kids spent over an hour constructing each house.

Then it was off to Nana and Papa’s to celebrate Christmas.  We spent the morning sledding down by the pond and then came in for food and presents.  June got a new sleeping bag for in the camper.

Jacey got a pair of “hulk hands” which she just loved.  She tried them out on Uncle Jesse.

We spent the first few days of the New Year enjoying our gifts at home in our pjs.  I had the kids round up all their loot to get their annual Christmas gift picture.  They love looking back every year and remembering what they opened.



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