Spring Break

The kids had a great spring break week.  The first two days they spent at Nana and Papa’s house.  (Even I got a spring break vacation that way, wow!) One day we had a pj day.  We stayed in our pjs all day long and played records and made messy art projects.

We spent Thursday and Friday at a hotel in Wausau playing in the pool and going down the waterslides.  The kids thought the hotel room was the greatest.  It was their first time spending the night at a hotel and they really enjoyed it!  After a long afternoon of swimming, we went out to dinner.  We came back to our room and “Cars” was on TV  so we all fell asleep watching that.  Jack and Jacey slept on the pull-out couch and we put pillows all around June on the other bed.  Everyone slept really well. Friday morning we went back to the waterpark until about noon.  We made our sandwiches in the car on the ride to Granny and Grump’s house for Easter.

We spent Easter weekend relaxing and helping Granny and Grumps out with some fun chores like filling the bird feeders, and making trenches in the driveway to drain all the water.  It rained for awhile, so the girls did crafts while Justin taught Jack how to play chess.  Of course, no Easter would be complete without some egg dying!

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