Jacey is FIVE!

Jacey just turned five years old.  Her favorite things right now are practicing her letters, writing all our names on every piece a paper she can get her hands on, and crafting.  She has such a good imagination and loves to use any and all art materials she can get her hands on.  Most afternoons she spends coloring, making clothes for her paper dolls, making furniture for her fairy house, or drawing pictures for us all.  Every night I find a new picture under my pillow that Jacey has drawn and stuck under there sometime during the day.

This year she got three birthday celebrations!  One at home with us, one with Nana and Papa, and one over Easter weekend with Granny and Grumps!  She loved all her gifts!  She got a new fairy and fairy books, some Lalaloopsys that she and Jack made a lego house for, dress up clothes, a new leotard, books, sticker books and crafty supplies.

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