Jacey – The Artist

Every day Jacey comes home from school with a worksheet she finished in class.  The front of it is usually related to the letter of the week.  She has told me that she usually finishes her worksheet before the class so she has time to draw on the back of her worksheet.  All during the month of October she would bring home her worksheet with a giant spiderweb with a very sad fly and a very happy spider on the back.  Each the day the spider and fly would be in a different position, but always with happy and sad faces.

After we started reading “The Littlest Pumpkin” book around Halloween, most of her drawings were about little pumpkins.  Jacey picking a little pumpkin.  Jacey looking at a pumpkin too small to carve.

After we watched “How to Train Your Dragon” she was constantly drawing pictures of Toothless the dragon on every scrap piece of paper we had.

Now we are on to Christmas drawings.  I love looking in her school folder to see what she drew.  She has also been doing a lot of drawing during her quiet time in the afternoons when I am working.  After we watched “Prep and Landing” with the elves that prep the house before Santa comes, she drew a lot of elves and Santa pictures.

Now every day we have drawing time at the counter after school.  It has been damp and cold so we haven’t played outside, instead the kids all sit with hot cocoa, crayons, and markers and draw and chat.  It’s a really fun hour for them and for me.  I can get dinner made and we chat while they make some really neat art.  Jack has even been drawing Santa instead of engines lately!




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