We spent Thanksgiving this year with Granny and Grumps.  Jacey was all prepared with her turkey hat she made at school.  Justin was ready with his pumpkin pi. Get it?  Pie?  Pi?

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and the weather was balmy and gorgeous, perfect for a bonfire.  I brought along a few turkey kits for Thanksgiving centerpieces that the kids could make.  The kids kept busy for quite awhile constructing their turkeys and decorating them.  We got to have a wienie roast and see the stars before we headed inside.

The kids were very excited to spend time with Maddy and Katie and Aunt Rose, Justin’s relatives.  They did some knitting, watched some funny videos, and just enjoyed having them around.

We took a walk down to the lake and played around for awhile before it started to get windy and cold.

Thanksgiving day it went from a balmy 50-some degrees to cold, windy and snowing by evening.  The kids went out after dinner and there was enough snow on the ground to make a small snowman!

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