Field Trip

I went with Jacey’s class to Mosquito Hill for a field trip.  We took a nature walk to see what we could discover.  The first thing we found was a dead red bellied snake!  Jacey still tells the story, “The snake was outside on the warm day, but then it didn’t get to the long grass in time before it got cold for the night, so it froze and was dead.”  She has a very good memory for nature things.

We saw a pond, but no sharks.  We found the outside of a hazelnut that a squirrel ate for a snack.  We found deer scat and Jacey learned that scat is really just poop, but it is what we are supposed to call any kind of animal poop. We saw a duck house and then went inside the nature center to check out the animal mounts and see some turtles and salamanders.  Then home for lunch!


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