June – 18 Months

June is now 18 months old!  She is our tiny tornado, rushing about from one room to the next causing destruction wherever she goes.   She loves to give hugs and kisses, especially to Jack and Jacey.  In the morning when June sees Jack getting his shoes and coat on to go to the bus, she sits down and tries to put her own shoes on.  She holds on to Jack’s hand while walking down the driveway.  She gives him a kiss and waves when the bus drives away.  June can climb down from the tower in the kitchen, but not up.  Instead she walks over to it and says “UP!”  She loves to read “Good night Moon” and “Red Shirt, Blue Shirt” before naps.  June watches the birds at the feeder and will sign “bird” when she sees one.  She likes to have all three of the baby dolls in her crib at nap time.  She covers them up and kisses them all and lays down so I can cover her and kiss her.  June climbs on the couch in the sunroom to watch Sloppy the guinea pig.  We always know when she’s petting him from her squeals of happiness.  When she wants a drink, she walks to the fridge and signs “more milk” and when we ask her if she wants a drink of milk, she’ll clap.  She is very smiley and cuddly and always wants to be in on the action.

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