No Switch is Safe

See this girl?  Don’t let that smile fool you, she is trouble.

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Yesterday we woke up to a very chilly house.  Unusually chilly.  After Justin went to work, I started to investigate.  The thermostat read 54 degrees, but after testing it, I determined the thermostat was not the problem.  So I took June downstairs with me to look at the furnace to see if anything looked unusual.  I set June down and started looking for any sort of instructions or lights and in the two seconds it took me to kneel down in front of the furnace, June toddled over to the power switch on the side and flipped it like nobody’s business.  She continued on her way around the basement while the furnace kicked on, fan started up, lights a blazing.  It was like she had SWITCHED THAT SWITCH BEFORE.

I guess we shouldn’t have taught her how to flip off the lights.

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