Career Day

Today was Career Day at school, so Jack had to wear an outfit to represent what he wants to be when he grows up.  When we started talking about it, he said he wanted to be a “power fixer guy.”  So we discussed what a guy like that would wear.  He thought he would need “a shiny vest, with some sort of picture on the front to show where he worked, work gloves (but he couldn’t wear them or else he couldn’t write at school), a hard hat (but you can’t wear hats to school), so maybe he could just borrow my shiny vest and we could make a picture on the front, and wear pants with a lot of pockets.”

He asked me to cut out a lightning bolt like on his superhero cape because that was electricity and then he drew some power lines and power poles and a house getting electricity.

This is what a power fixer guy looks like:

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