Party Party Party!

This weekend was the Olson family Christmas, and the OLSON family Christmas.  Both involved family, presents, good food and lots of cookies.  The first Olson Christmas was with Papa’s side of the family.  Jack, Jacey and June got to exchange gifts with their second cousins, and received a nerf gun, sparkly dress up shoes and wings, and baby doll with a stroller.  The big boys in the room taught the little boy just how to operate said nerf gun, but alas, we did come home with all 12 darts and the 51 extras.  Because you never know when you need SIXTY THREE NERF DARTS.  Jacey dazzled everyone with her ability to walk in high heeled plastic shoes and now with six pair of them, she can match every outfit imaginable.  June has been happy trying to shove the baby in the stroller and its favorite position appears to be riding on its head.

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Next up was the OLSON family Christmas, which was my immediate family.  Uncle Jeff, Uncle Jesse, Auntie Kolia,  Nana and Papa all gathered for lunch on Sunday to eat, drink, exchange gifts and watch the Packers.  The Packers that LOST.  See those faces?  No smiles.

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Well, one smile…

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