Tiny Tornado

I have to note the day that started out with me finding the maple syrup in the bathroom. After taking Jack to the bus stop, I was tidying up the bathroom and there was the maple syrup bottle on the floor by the diaper pail.  I’m guessing it was June and her new love of opening all the cupboard doors on the kitchen island where we store all the pantry type goods.

While I was putting the syrup away, I heard a crash, and there was June by the Christmas tree with a broken ornament.  Justin and I tried to hang all the breakable ones up high, but Jack or Jacey must have found one before we did and hung it too low.

While I was vacuuming that up, I turned around and June had dirt spread all over the floor from the large houseplant that sits in the corner of the sunroom.  Usually it’s all blocked off, but in the rearranging to fit the tree, she found an opening and got through it.  You know how they say that mice can squeeze through an opening even smaller than the size of their head?  So can June.

I moved June again and confined her to the pack-n-play for awhile, and continued to vacuum.  Once that was finished I let June back out again for awhile and not three seconds later I found her clutching a glue stick… with tiny teeth marks in it.  And glue in her hair and on her hands and on the side of her face.

Here she is all cleaned up and not LEAVING MY SIGHT… and trying to wear the potholders as a scarf.

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2 Responses to “Tiny Tornado”

  1. granny

    that really made me laugh. i better do a little rearranging before christmas. precious children.

  2. Auntie Rose

    You know, I HATE those leashes that people use on their kids in airports … but with June ….I’m rethinking the concept. (You’d be at home, no one would see you, and you’d make back the cost of the leash in about, oh, say 30 seconds???

    Tee hee;seriously, SO DARN CUTE!

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