June is so much fun right now.  She sucks her thumb and twirls her hair when she is tired or bored.  She loves to snuggle.  When you give her a hug, she will put her head on your shoulder and tap your back.  If the kids are playing in their room, she will sit outside the door and yell until they let her in.  She opens all the cupboards, she unloads dishes out of the dishwasher, she puts toys into any drawer or door or compartment she can find.  She loves turning on all the zuzu pets and following them around the kitchen.  If she sees a furry stuffed animal, she will squeal very loudly.  She says “ah dada” when Justin gets home at night.  She yells “mamamamama” in the morning when she wants to get up.  She loves to pull off her socks and then try to put them back on her feet.  She tries to put Jacey’s hats on her own head.

She does not like to be contained…

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