First Day of School

Today was Jack’s first day of kindergarten!  He was so excited to go this morning, he was up and dressed by 6:10 am.  We took our obligatory first day photos, you can see last years photos here.

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I didn’t have any tears until Jacey said, “Jack I’m really going to miss you today.  I don’t know who will play with me.  I’ll be so sad and lonely.”  Jack gave her a big hug and a kiss and said, “I’ll miss you too Jacey, you are my best friend but I’ll be home after nap to play with you.”  My mom said I should put these pictures on the fridge to remind them that they do love each other the next time they are fighting.

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We walked Jack down the street to the “bus stop” and waited for the bus.  We could see it coming around the corner and Jack said, “Quick, give me a kiss and a hug so I can be all ready to get on!”  He hopped on, said hello to the bus driver and found his seat.  He waved to us as the bus pulled away… and so did all the other kids on the bus.

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Then Jacey, June and I took our morning walk around the block.  We made it back in time to get down to the basement for a terrible storm that rumbled through!  Unfortunately, Jack’s only fear about school was what would happen if there was thunder and lightning while he was at school. I’ll be anxious to see what his class did when the weather sirens went off today!  I guess it’s good he had to get through his only fear on the first day, the rest should be smooth sailing.

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