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Jacey’s teacher has a blog which has been great to see the everyday classroom activities.  The students have been starting to write entries as well.  This is Jacey’s most recent entry:

“I  love kidblog because my mom can see picshrs.”

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Jacey’s kindergarten “Moosical” was last Friday in the elementary school gymnasium.  She was so excited that Justin, June and I would be there to watch.  It was during school, so Jack didn’t get to go, but we took pictures.  She was a goat and also had a speaking part which she talked about all week.  After the program she wanted a picture with her teacher (all the teachers were dressed like farmers, with the students being goats, chickens, cows and pigs.)  I put some of the videos on smugmug, so click on the side panel for more on the Moosical!


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Jacey is 6!

Jacey had a great birthday weekend.  We had a LOT of stuff going on!  Thursday night we made s’mores on a stick for her school birthday treat.  Jacey and June were good helpers getting the marshmallows on the stick and chocolate on the crackers…and eating everything in between.

Friday after school we were invited to a “Frozen” party!  There would be decorations, crafts, snowflake sandwiches, and a viewing of the movie frozen.  14 kids, 5 moms, lots of food.  We made puppy chow with purple and maroon m&m’s because those seemed to go with the theme.  The kids had a great time!  They spent their time playing, coloring, and singing along to the movie.

Saturday Jacey had soccer and then two of her friends came over to play, eat macaroni, do a few crafts, have a cupcake and open presents.  The girls were very well behaved and seemed to really enjoy the stickers and foam door hangers that we had for them to work on.

Jacey had a great party!  Afterward she got invited to see a St Patty’s Day parade with her friend Madelyn.  We followed it all up with Chinese food for dinner and movie all snuggled up on the couch.

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Flossing is very important.  Jacey was trying to teach June how to floss but she couldn’t do it properly.  She handed the floss to Jacey and said “you do it!”

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Jacey the Rock Star

Jacey was wearing my sunglasses and said,”Mommy, these sunglasses are cool.  I like them.  Do I look like a rock star if I stand like this?  Maybe you should take my picture.”

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Jacey’s Pattern

Jacey has “quiet time” every afternoon while I work and she usually spends it doing crafts.  Today after quiet time she showed me what she had been working on.  It is robot pattern she designed.  She wants me to sew her a robot so she gave me a picture of what it will look like at the end, as well as all the pattern pieces.  Then she decided the robot would need a robot dog for a friend, so she designed the pattern for that as well.

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Jacey is FIVE!

Jacey just turned five years old.  Her favorite things right now are practicing her letters, writing all our names on every piece a paper she can get her hands on, and crafting.  She has such a good imagination and loves to use any and all art materials she can get her hands on.  Most afternoons she spends coloring, making clothes for her paper dolls, making furniture for her fairy house, or drawing pictures for us all.  Every night I find a new picture under my pillow that Jacey has drawn and stuck under there sometime during the day.

This year she got three birthday celebrations!  One at home with us, one with Nana and Papa, and one over Easter weekend with Granny and Grumps!  She loved all her gifts!  She got a new fairy and fairy books, some Lalaloopsys that she and Jack made a lego house for, dress up clothes, a new leotard, books, sticker books and crafty supplies.

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Jacey’s Birthday List

This was posted on the refrigerator today.

I asked Jacey about it and she said it was her birthday list.  She wants(as drawn from the top, going counterclockwise) fairies, Lalaloopsy dolls, dress up clothes and shoes, and art supplies.

Today she also worked on making clothes for some paper doll forms I downloaded and printed for her.  She spent about 2 hours making outfits for them all.=

Yesterday Jacey and June spent some time doing other projects.  Jacey likes to look at Pinterest (I type in “kids crafts” and she scrolls through the page to get ideas.)  She made these all by herself just by looking at pictures online.  She gave them both to Jack when he got home.

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We have an elf on the shelf which the kids have named Zippy.  This is actually his second season in our house and the kids were really looking forward to him coming again.  Jacey has been drawing him pictures and leaving them on the fireplace, so when he moves around at night, he can pick them up.

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Field Trip

I went with Jacey’s class to Mosquito Hill for a field trip.  We took a nature walk to see what we could discover.  The first thing we found was a dead red bellied snake!  Jacey still tells the story, “The snake was outside on the warm day, but then it didn’t get to the long grass in time before it got cold for the night, so it froze and was dead.”  She has a very good memory for nature things.

We saw a pond, but no sharks.  We found the outside of a hazelnut that a squirrel ate for a snack.  We found deer scat and Jacey learned that scat is really just poop, but it is what we are supposed to call any kind of animal poop. We saw a duck house and then went inside the nature center to check out the animal mounts and see some turtles and salamanders.  Then home for lunch!


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