Spring Break

The kids had a great spring break week.  The first two days they spent at Nana and Papa’s house.  (Even I got a spring break vacation that way, wow!) One day we had a pj day.  We stayed in our pjs all day long and played records and made messy art projects.

We spent Thursday and Friday at a hotel in Wausau playing in the pool and going down the waterslides.  The kids thought the hotel room was the greatest.  It was their first time spending the night at a hotel and they really enjoyed it!  After a long afternoon of swimming, we went out to dinner.  We came back to our room and “Cars” was on TV  so we all fell asleep watching that.  Jack and Jacey slept on the pull-out couch and we put pillows all around June on the other bed.  Everyone slept really well. Friday morning we went back to the waterpark until about noon.  We made our sandwiches in the car on the ride to Granny and Grump’s house for Easter.

We spent Easter weekend relaxing and helping Granny and Grumps out with some fun chores like filling the bird feeders, and making trenches in the driveway to drain all the water.  It rained for awhile, so the girls did crafts while Justin taught Jack how to play chess.  Of course, no Easter would be complete without some egg dying!

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We spent Sunday at Nana and Papa’s house.  Papa made a giant snow hill with the tractor to sled down. It was actually a little scary the first time I went down it, but after Justin and I packed it down a bit the kids stopped flying off their snow tubes face first into the ice chunks.

We bought Jack and Jacey each a pair of snowshoes this year and they love them.  We hiked across the fields to the pond and then looked at our tracks behind us.  June flopped herself into the sled and then kept squealing every time my snowshoe would flip snow into her face.

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The Hunt

The hunt was pretty successful this year.  Out of five hunters, three deer were shot on opening weekend.  Jack was so excited to help and he didn’t want to miss out on anything the big boys were doing.

June learned to say “Dee!” for deer and said it all weekend long.  She was a bit afraid of the deer and didn’t want to get too close.  So even though it was skinned and hanging from the shed roof, Jacey still hugged June and told her it was ok and the deer wasn’t scary.

Jacey and Uncle Jesse with the same mischievous looks on their faces.

Edited to add:  My cousin Brad shot a deer the weekend after Thanksgiving, unfortunately we didn’t get to help with that one.  Hope that knife was sharp Brad!


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We spent Thanksgiving this year with Granny and Grumps.  Jacey was all prepared with her turkey hat she made at school.  Justin was ready with his pumpkin pi. Get it?  Pie?  Pi?

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and the weather was balmy and gorgeous, perfect for a bonfire.  I brought along a few turkey kits for Thanksgiving centerpieces that the kids could make.  The kids kept busy for quite awhile constructing their turkeys and decorating them.  We got to have a wienie roast and see the stars before we headed inside.

The kids were very excited to spend time with Maddy and Katie and Aunt Rose, Justin’s relatives.  They did some knitting, watched some funny videos, and just enjoyed having them around.

We took a walk down to the lake and played around for awhile before it started to get windy and cold.

Thanksgiving day it went from a balmy 50-some degrees to cold, windy and snowing by evening.  The kids went out after dinner and there was enough snow on the ground to make a small snowman!

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I made the family superhero capes for Christmas.  I started out with just the kids, but then the big kid in the middle requested a man sized cape.

Look, it’s sort of like the Incredibles!  But not really, as Jacey says, since they aren’t wearing red suits.  And their arms don’t stretch.  And they can’t run superfast.  And they can’t disappear.  Ok, I get it, Jacey.

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Wedding Weekend!

My little brother Jesse and Kolia got married!  It was a fantastic weekend with lots of family and friends, and the weather was beautiful.  Friday night we headed north for the rehearsal and dinner.  Jack was very excited to be “ringmaster” at the wedding and he told everyone at school.  Jacey was one of the flower girls and both kids did great practicing their very important jobs.  We also told them that everyone had to do a good job so we could eat fried fish afterwards.

After a fine fish fry, some decorating of the hall commenced…

Saturday was the big day!  Jacey even got her hair styled like the big girls, thanks to Kolia’s sister, Kyla.  The ceremony took place under a tent with just enough breeze to keep away the mosquitoes.  Jack and Jacey performed their jobs and even had big smiles on their faces.

After the ceremony the kids each finally got a chicken leg on the bone, which was the highlight of the entire weekend.  Everyone rang bells at dinner to get Uncle Jesse and Auntie Kolia to kiss, so afterward the kids were charming everyone out of their bells.  Someone even made Jacey a bell bracelet.  When the band started to play, the kids were dancing machines.  I guess all their practicing in the kitchen paid off!

There are more pictures of the wedding on smugmug, just click on one of the photos to the right!


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Family Fun

When I was growing up, we always had weekend “Family Fun Time” as coined by my dad.  This usually consisted of cutting wood, splitting wood, throwing wood, and stacking wood.  Well, we went up to my parent’s house this weekend for my little brother’s birthday and everyone got involved in some good “Family Fun Time,” even the kids!  For them it was very exciting as there were all kinds of people around, they got to ride in the tractor and see four-wheelers and big trucks.  They did do their share of dragging little branches and picking up sticks here and there between playing with the tonka trucks and snow shovels.

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For Christmas I got a kit to make mozzarella cheese.  My sister-in-law thought it would be a fun thing to make with the kids and she was right!  It’s been a fun family activity.  All you need is a gallon of milk and all the other ingredients were included in the kit.  Jack was so excited to make cheese and the entire time he was non-stop asking questions.  At mealtimes he asks where all his food comes from, so this was a fun way to show him “where cheese comes from” even though we didn’t milk the cow to get the milk to make the cheese.  He was a very good “stirrer-guy” and took his job very seriously.  Justin did the last step, the cheese stretching, as the cheese was very hot.  After it was all stretched, we all tried our warm mozzarella.  We all thought it was great and the kids loved it.

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Let the Parties Begin!

The first Christmas party of the season was this past weekend.  This year the Olson Christmas party was a success with 29 people in attendance.  After supper the gift exchange began.  There are five “great-grandchildren” who traded names: Brynna, Chase, Drew, Jack and Jacey.  We tried to get a picture of them by the tree, although I don’t think anyone is actually looking at my camera. At at least you can see them all.

The kids all seemed to really enjoy their gifts.  Jack was very excited to have more train track to expand on his current track formations.  He also opened a tractor, truck and trailer set.  He was very excited to drive that around until Jacey started opening her gift.  She got a very cute outfit, and a dolly in a stroller.  Jack was really into how the stroller opened up and would have played with it most of the night if Jacey hadn’t been so possessive of it.


Jacey pushed the stroller and dolly around the house the rest of the night, manuvering around all the people sitting and chatting, around the people eating in the kitchen, around and around and around.

The following day we got together with some family friends for lunch and to visit and play.   The kids got to sit at their own table, which they thought was pretty cool.  The big kids had fun with Ryan’s catapult and the last picture is Ryan and Bob.

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Home Alone with Daddy

On the evenings that I go out to either work or run errands, there is usually photographic evidence of what the kids did with Justin while I was away.  The other night it was crazy hats and stickers.  Jack had everyone plastered with stickers and somehow wound up with a towel on his head.  Jacey, of course, needed her own hat, and ever resourceful Daddy constructed one out of a tissue box for her.  I can only imagine the giggles and fun they had that night.

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