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With St Patrick’s day coming up and snow falling outside, June and I spread out projects all over the floor this morning.  We finished up our garland for the fireplace.  June helped me glue all the pieces together for our felt leprechauns.  We used a big needle and yarn and she handed me the leprechauns and shamrocks in a pattern to string up.

Next we finished tying on our material scraps to a wire hanger to make a wreath.  June found all the green material in my scrap bucket, I cut strips 1″x6″ and tied them to a wire hanger.

I also found a bunny pattern in the pile of Grandma Terry’s pattern.  It didn’t look too fussy, so I thought I would try it.  I bought some fur material, sewed him up and June claimed him right away. She named him Marley Fluffy Marie Neils.  He’s soft and squishy.  Jacey now requested one made out of hot pink fur.  That one is in the works.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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We’ve been working on quite a few projects around here as we try to keep sane inside.  Over the weekend Jacey requested some new outfits for her Tinkerbell doll.  I made the yellow dress using a quick pattern I found online for Barbie, but Tinkerbell is NOT shaped like Barbie, so it’s a bit wonky.  We made it fit with velcro and Jacey was so happy with the result.  She came up with the idea to sew two old baby socks together to make Tinkerbell another dress.

I’ve been making pillow covers for my living room pillows for each season.  Jacey helped me come up with a “pattern” of sorts for Valentine pillow covers.

Jack needed to make a Valentine box for school and he wasn’t really into it.  Jacey was disappointed she didn’t need to make a Valentine box for school, but decided she would help Jack make his box.  She looked at some ideas online for him and decided he should have a Superman Valentine box.  She got out all the supplies and paper and kept a running commentary to Jack on what she was doing to “his” valentine box.  It was a win-win situation, as she was so excited to make something and he was getting a box with little actual “crafting” on his part.  He did tape on the red paper cape at the end of the construction and write his name on the top.  June kept busy this whole time making a heart collage out of scrap paper.

The other project we’ve been working on for awhile now is my old dollhouse.  I finally unveiled it from under the blanket it’s been stored under in the basement and brought it upstairs.  I decided it was time to clean it up and redo some of the wallpaper.  I used scrapbook paper and mod-podge for the walls.  Jacey picked out various material scraps for curtains and we found some other fun things to put on the walls like a felt garland and a fancy frame with tin foil to look like a mirror.  The pink curtains Jacey wanted to be able to open and close, so we used lollipop sticks and beads for curtain rods.  It was a really fun project and we are still coming up with new things to add to it.

The before and the afters:

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June and I have been playing CandyLand on a somewhat regular basis with all this insane cold weather we have been having.  She is getting much better at saying her colors and counting, so games have been fun.  We had a mid-morning snack of pears while playing, although on this day June was having more fun with Stanley-bunny.  He started nibbling on one of her pears during the game so we had to get him his own to munch on.  He also liked to hop over the cards and the board so whenever he would bump the card pile, June would sigh and straighten it out.

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It’s been so cold here that we’ve had another two days off of school.  Everyone is getting a bit of “cabin-fever” but we’ve been doing our best to keep it mostly at bay.    We started off Monday by making some homemade cinnamon rolls (well, homemade using the box of Jiffy mix!)

Jacey wanted to craft, so she came up with the idea to draw June.  She positioned the paper and then June on the paper just right.  She traced June and then colored her in!

I had some scrapbook pages I wanted to finish up, so I got out my paper, stickers, stampers and other supplies.  We spent most of the morning and afternoon creating, drawing, cutting and glueing.

Tuesday was another cold day with no school!  We were all excited, we had big plans for a fort!  We also worked on some paper airplanes using a craft kit Jack got for Christmas.  And cocoa!  Lots of hot cocoa with marshmallows!  Each kid designed their own mug (June and I found some at goodwill and I had some oil paint sharpie markers) and so now no one gets mixed up as to which cup is which.

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Sister Bears

I have an awesome friend Tara, who boxes up her daughter Ida’s clothes and sends them to us.  Ida is actually between the ages of Jacey and June, but that didn’t stop Jacey from squeezing into the care bear outfits that came in the last box.  These two girls have so much fun in these outfits… they love being “sister bears!”

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Cold Days

It’s been so cold we haven’t gotten outside during the day.  I made a couple of fun buckets for the June to play with during the day.  She found some plastic easter eggs and I combined them with some dinosaurs, measuring spoons, and oatmeal.  June scooped and dumped and poured for hours.  When Jack and Jacey got home, they wanted in on the fun too.

Today I gave June a mini muffin tin, puffballs, a plastic pincher, a scoop and a container full of buttons.  She made button muffins with frosting for me.  Then the girls found a jar of beads that we scored from goodwill and made necklaces.

Yoga is part of our daily routine.  I usually do an exercise video, and then we put in the “kids Yoga” dvd and do a 15 minute workout together.  I some pictures of June, so of course she wanted to take one of me.  Stanley even enjoys our yoga routine, I think he likes the texture of the squishy mat.

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June had her first day at the elementary school for speech therapy!  She got all dressed up in her new sweater and did such a good job working with her new teacher!

Jacey also started dance, so I had to take a picture of her on her first day of class.  She needed a picture in her tap shoes and her ballet shoes.

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Scary Things

We were riding in the car yesterday, and I asked the kids, “Hey, did you guys hear me screaming this morning?  Did I wake you up?”  They all said no, but asked why I screamed.  I said, “Well, I was getting my shoes on to work out and a giant centipede was in my shoe and it scared me, so I screamed.”  They all thought that was pretty funny, and it led to a discussion about things that scared us. I said that everyone is afraid of something and that is it is ok to be scared.  Everyone was quiet for a bit and Jacey said, “I think walking pants with no people in them are really scary.”  We were all quiet a minute, letting that picture sink in, when Jack said, “Walking pants with no people?  I don’t think that is scary, I think that is funny!”  Jacey disagreed and thought it would be very scary until Jack told her that all she needed to do was think about pulling the pants down and seeing the underwear with no people in them and that would be funny and not scary.

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On Sunday morning we headed for the cottage with a detour at the farm to pick up the kayaks.  We met Nana and Papa at the lake and got the kids into their lifejackets.  Jacey rode in my kayak, June rode in Justin’s kayak, and Jack went in his own kayak for the first time.  Justin had Jack’s kayak tethered to his, which was rather hilarious actually.  Justin was paddling forward and Jack was just paddling all over like crazy because he was so excited.  It was like watching a tug-of-war match in the water.  After settling down a bit, Jack wanted to try paddling all by himself and he kept going around in circles because he started out with a one ended paddle.  Eventually he tried a double bladed paddle and realized it was much heavier than the one.  Jacey was counting down the time until she could try her own kayak.  Jack and Jacey switched halfway through and Jacey got her chance to try.  June just wanted a snack.


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