First Week of Summer – 2016

The first week of summer is so exciting for all of us!  We started with the great bedroom purge.  The girls cleared out bags of recycling, garbage, and goodwill.  The “after” photo shows how lovely their room looks again!


We set up a backyard pool which has been used every single day so far.  The kids are doing a great job of cleaning it and plugging in the filter when they are done for the day.  Now if I can train them to not walk through the house with wet feet…


Both the girls are in gymnastics at the Y in Kimberly.  We plan our mornings around this, usually going to the Y for class, staying after for open gym for a bit, packing a lunch and then errands or parks or both on the way home.  The weather has been a bit on the chilly side, so one day had our picnic in the van! The kids are a big help now at the grocery store, so we hit that up on the way home.

IMG_6557 IMG_6575 IMG_6576

Went to a graduation party for our family friend, Bob.  Jacey’s favorite thing was the mechanical bull!  Jack tried it, but wasn’t a fan.  Jacey rode it TEN TIMES!  June was sad she was too little.  Maybe when Bob’s brother Ryan graduates, she’ll be big enough!

IMG_6547 IMG_6530 IMG_6525

First week of summer has been a blast!


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Spring Break

Our first day of spring break… So far so good. The kids wanted to craft in their pjs and go to the park. Check and check!

image image image

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Last Day of School

It’s the last day of school for this crew and they are sad but excited for summer!



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Jacey – Blog

Jacey’s teacher has a blog which has been great to see the everyday classroom activities.  The students have been starting to write entries as well.  This is Jacey’s most recent entry:

“I  love kidblog because my mom can see picshrs.”

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Jacey’s kindergarten “Moosical” was last Friday in the elementary school gymnasium.  She was so excited that Justin, June and I would be there to watch.  It was during school, so Jack didn’t get to go, but we took pictures.  She was a goat and also had a speaking part which she talked about all week.  After the program she wanted a picture with her teacher (all the teachers were dressed like farmers, with the students being goats, chickens, cows and pigs.)  I put some of the videos on smugmug, so click on the side panel for more on the Moosical!


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Timber Rattlers

The kids won a free ticket to the Timber Rattlers baseball game for reading 300 minutes a month for school.  The elementary school PTO had a tailgate party in the parking lot, so we enjoyed hotdogs, chips, soda, and cookies.  Then we headed inside.  This is the first year the kids were interested in the game, and it was a pretty good game!  Lots of hits, lots of runs and plenty of sideline shenanigans with the brat gun shooting brats into the stand, the running cheeses, and Fang the mascot.  It was a windy and chilly night, but we made it until the 7th inning, then headed home since it was a school night.

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April Fool!

This year I actually had a plan for April Fools Day!   The kids were trying to get me before school about crazy animals in the backyard, so of course I had to keep running to the window because they thought it was so hilarious to “fool” me.  While they were gone, June and I made cherry jello, but put it in cups with a straw.

It hardened nicely by the time school was over, and when Jack and Jacey came running in they spied the cups on the counter.  Jacey was excited that I made “kool-aid” for them.  They both started sucking on their straws… and sucking and sucking…  the looks on their faces were priceless.  Jacey even started tipping her cup over and just couldn’t figure out why the “kool-aid” wasn’t moving!  Finally they pulled their straws out and realized it was JELLO!  Ha!  April Fools on them!

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Flossing is very important.  Jacey was trying to teach June how to floss but she couldn’t do it properly.  She handed the floss to Jacey and said “you do it!”

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Jack’s Bridge for Gnomes

One of Jack’s recent school projects was to draw/design a bridge and then construct it out of recyclables.  The story presented was about gnomes trying to get to their homes, but they had to cross the lake to get there.  The bridge had to hold three crayons and be at least one crayon wide.  Jack’s held A LOT more than three crayons, but he forgot how many.  His teacher took a picture of his bridge at school.

The second photo is of his land formations which they built out of clay.


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Jacey’s Private Lunch

I was waiting for June to finish her speech class, so I was sitting in the elementary school lobby.  All of a sudden Jacey walks in with her lunch tray and three little boys.  She was very surprised to see me and said to her friend Max, “That is my real mom.  Really, it is.”  Max got to eat lunch at the private table for being the PBIS good behavior winner and he got to choose three friends to eat with him.  Jacey was one of them.  They were all very chatty and said how much they liked eating in the lobby because it was a lot quieter and they could see outside.  I took a picture of them and then June came out and was so excited to see Jacey!  We left them to eat their lunch.

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