Breakfast on the Farm

Sunday morning everyone was excited to eat breakfast on the farm.  It was raining, but everyone was still excited (but wearing raincoats) to eat breakfast on the farm.  Luckily there were no lines!  Everything tasted even better in the rain.  We ate scrambled eggs, ham, hashbrowns, cheese curds, chocolate milk and cinnamon rolls.

The rain let up after breakfast so we toured the farm.  June loved the cows and wanted them to come closer to her so she would rush the fence.  The cows would scatter back and then creep up to investigate her and then it was her turn to back way up.  The kids got their faces painted and then we had to finish off the event with free ice cream.  We made it home before the next downpour.


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Milwaukee Zoo

Justin spontaneously decided we should head to the Milwaukee Zoo for the day.   It turned out to be perfect weather, warm with a nice breeze.  We packed a picnic lunch and the stroller in case June got tired legs.  Mostly we just pushed the stroller to carry our picnic as June wanted to walk and see everything for herself.

Everyone lasted until about 2 o’clock and then all legs were slowing down and dragging.  We had seen everything by then so we headed for the car.  The kids took a nice long nap in the car and were all recharged to play in the yard when we got home.

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Bird Houses

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we spent it at the Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve making bird houses.  We signed the kids up for a workshop awhile ago and it turned out to be a beautiful weekend.  Nana and Papa met us there to help out with the building and the corralling of June.  Nana and June checked out the nature center and then took a long walk while the rest of us learned about blue birds and then built some bird houses.  The kids listened to the little program really well and then were excited to pound nails.  After the bird houses were built, we stayed for awhile to enjoy a picnic lunch.  We followed that up with a shamrock shake since it was St Patrick’s day.

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1000 Islands (But we didn’t count them)

Justin and the kids spent the past weekend hanging out with Granny and Grumps.  I was away scrap-booking with a bunch of lovely ladies, so they took pictures so I could see what fun stuff they did.  Like take another trek to 1000 Islands which is a pretty fun place to spend a nice day.  Jacey said they saw ducks again and the talking parrot said “Hello” to them and why do parrots talk like people?

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Last S’more of Fall

I think we had our last nice weekend of fall, since now the lawn is snow covered.  But we enjoyed it to the maximum with TWO fires, one on Friday night complete with hotdogs and s’mores, and one on Saturday night with friends.  Friday night was a throw together-last minute-kind of deal.  Hotdogs were found, Justin had to pick up buns at the mini-mart on the way home, marshmallows were torn apart as they were getting very sticky.  I had to raid the kids’ Halloween candy bags to find enough chocolate to put on the graham crackers, but we did it!  We found enough to make us all one last s’more of the year.   We followed up our picnic with some kickball and then relaxed and watched the fire.

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Dena and Michael came over on Saturday night to celebrate June’s birthday (again!  lucky girl!)  Dena brought a ladybug cake which was a hit with all the kids.  We had a fire built when they arrived, so we sat around and chatted until our pizza was done, then headed inside.  The kids had a blast and talked non-stop to our guests all night long.

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Labor Day

Catching up a bit…

It’s just not Labor Day weekend without attending a demolition derby.  The kids loved it.  Especially the part where it poured on all of us for about 10 minutes, which resulted in the demo cars spinning huge mud chunks into our laps.  It was all fun and games until Jacey got one in the eye.

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There was also a parade and Jack and Jacey (and Justin) got to ride in the firetruck.  They were supposed to be throwing candy, but I think they did more eating of candy.  The firetrucks are at the beginning of the parade, so they made it back to the curb to catch a few more pieces of candy and watch really cool things like John Deere harvesters drive by.  What, you don’t have big farm machinery in your parades?

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Pig Roast

A few weekends ago we went to Minnesota to visit Granny and Grumps.  Auntie Moriah and Ken flew in from Seattle so the whole family was together.  The weather was beautiful, perfect for a pig roast.  It was quite the event and the kids thought the whole process was pretty neat, especially the flipping of the pig.

We spent Sunday afternoon at the lake visiting some friends of Granny and Grumps.  They invited to swim and take a pontoon boat ride.  The kids each got to take a turn steering, which of course they thought was awesome.

We had a great weekend seeing friends and family, playing outside, swimming and burning off all our energy.

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Decorated the big Christmas tree.

June watched the festivities.

Had a cookie party.


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Cuff’s Pumpkin Farm

This past Sunday we took the kids to Cuff’s Pumpkin Farm for a couple hours to play around.  The kids actually were not interested in riding the wagon to the pumpkin patch, instead they opted to play on all the other fun stuff. Jack’s favorite tractor was there again this year, he and Jacey took turns driving and fixing it.

This year there was a new feature, a set of water pumps with rubber ducks.  You put the ducks in the troughs and then pumped the water, and then kids on the other end got the ducks and sent them back in other troughs. Jacey spent about a half hour pumping water and catching ducks, she didn’t want to leave.

After we pried the kids away from the water pumps, we hit up the corn maze, the hay bale maze, and then the slides down the stacks of hay.  Jack found a cob of corn in the corn maze, so he proceeded to leave kernels of corn everywhere we went so we wouldn’t get lost in the maze.  After leaving half a cob of corn on the ground, he got bored of that and said Daddy could just find our way out if we got lost.

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It’s like herding cats…

I tried to get a lovely fall picture of the kids at the pumpkin patch.  Here you go, Mom.

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