Tiny Tornado

I have to note the day that started out with me finding the maple syrup in the bathroom. After taking Jack to the bus stop, I was tidying up the bathroom and there was the maple syrup bottle on the floor by the diaper pail.  I’m guessing it was June and her new love of opening all the cupboard doors on the kitchen island where we store all the pantry type goods.

While I was putting the syrup away, I heard a crash, and there was June by the Christmas tree with a broken ornament.  Justin and I tried to hang all the breakable ones up high, but Jack or Jacey must have found one before we did and hung it too low.

While I was vacuuming that up, I turned around and June had dirt spread all over the floor from the large houseplant that sits in the corner of the sunroom.  Usually it’s all blocked off, but in the rearranging to fit the tree, she found an opening and got through it.  You know how they say that mice can squeeze through an opening even smaller than the size of their head?  So can June.

I moved June again and confined her to the pack-n-play for awhile, and continued to vacuum.  Once that was finished I let June back out again for awhile and not three seconds later I found her clutching a glue stick… with tiny teeth marks in it.  And glue in her hair and on her hands and on the side of her face.

Here she is all cleaned up and not LEAVING MY SIGHT… and trying to wear the potholders as a scarf.

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June is so much fun right now.  She sucks her thumb and twirls her hair when she is tired or bored.  She loves to snuggle.  When you give her a hug, she will put her head on your shoulder and tap your back.  If the kids are playing in their room, she will sit outside the door and yell until they let her in.  She opens all the cupboards, she unloads dishes out of the dishwasher, she puts toys into any drawer or door or compartment she can find.  She loves turning on all the zuzu pets and following them around the kitchen.  If she sees a furry stuffed animal, she will squeal very loudly.  She says “ah dada” when Justin gets home at night.  She yells “mamamamama” in the morning when she wants to get up.  She loves to pull off her socks and then try to put them back on her feet.  She tries to put Jacey’s hats on her own head.

She does not like to be contained…

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This little girl…

is ONE YEAR OLD.  I’m late with updates.

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She got three parties, since we celebrated once with Granny and Grumps, once at home with our family, and once with Grandma, Papa, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Kolia.  Jacey was quick to realize this would mean three cakes.  Jacey and I made her a giraffe cake, but unfortunately for Jacey, this one was plenty for the first two ‘parties’.  Grandma and Jacey made a bear cake for the second party.

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June loved all her great gifts:   a dinosaur to walk behind, a tiny stuffed hedgehog that Jacey named “Hedgy” who seems to go everywhere with us lately, a pink zuzu pet, a wooden shape sorter, new pink packer outfits, flowered fuzzy outfits, pink poufy skirts and striped leggings… all kinds of great stuff.

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June at ONE has five teeth, she loves any squishy stuffed animal, she will squeal loudly when seeing any kind of animal, loves to start up all the zuzu pets on the floor and then crawl after them, wants to eat with her own spoon, will crawl over and try to “wrestle” anyone laying on the floor, and loves to sit right under the feet of whomever is preparing the current meal.  She loves to be wherever her brother and sister are and be right in on the action.


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For snack today June had some cheese cubes… which Jacey decided to feed to her, momma-bird style.  See how big the baby bird’s mouth will open?

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Someone taught June how to stand up during nap time today!  I think we are really in trouble now!

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June is still fascinated with the guinea pigs especially on cage cleaning day.  She sat like this for half an hour.

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June is Tired of July

June has been waking up at 4:30 am lately and talking for about an hour.  Then she starts wanting some attention, so I’ve been taking her on a walk.  By the time breakfast rolls around at 7:30 she is already getting a bit tired. This morning I took the breakfast dishes to the counter and when I turned around, this is what I saw.

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Teeny Tooth

The last two nights June has decided to be wide awake at midnight, 2 am, 4 am… it was getting a bit ridiculous.  It is very out of the ordinary for her to be whiny and fussy in the night.  Well, we just discovered the possible reason!  She popped her first tooth!  Here she is happy as a clam playing with Jacey’s animals.  Jacey doesn’t like it when June plays with her animals, in fact even this picture makes Jacey mad.

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Six Months

June’s six month stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 2 oz (50%), Length: 26 1/4″ (75%), and Head Circumference 42.5 cm (50%)

Jacey was 16 lbs 3 oz (60%), 26 1/4″ (70%). Jack at 6 months: 18 lbs 6 oz, 28″ long.

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June’s Baptism

On Sunday, June was baptized at the Chapel.  She wore the same baptismal gown that Jack and Jacey and Uncle Jesse all wore, which was made by my mom.  We had a nice little ceremony with June’s grandparents, uncles, and June’s Godfather Drew and fairy Godmother Dena.  June didn’t cry at all, she actually spent most of the ceremony smiling.  Afterward we went to the cottage for a brunch and cake.

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