June’s Alphabet Party





June started talking a class at the YMCA called “alphabet party.” She loves it and is so proud of her projects when I pick her up.

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Lately one of the most frequent things I hear from June is “I good helper Mommy!  I help!”  Today she was helping with the vacuum.  Of course one does vacuum best with sparkly jelly shoes and a flowery dress.

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Flossing is very important.  Jacey was trying to teach June how to floss but she couldn’t do it properly.  She handed the floss to Jacey and said “you do it!”

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June + Nap + Missing Craft Scissors = New Haircut

June has been napping in my bed lately because she likes to sleep in the big bed, and Jacey can get her stuff out of her own room during nap time.  Seems to work well for everyone… until I walked in to get June up and saw this:

Jacey came running in and said, “Hey, that’s where the scissors are!”  Unfortunately I didn’t take a “before” picture, but I got out my hair cutting scissors, sat June on the bed, and tried to even everything out.  Actually, she looks pretty cute, but this is after she cried because I used a stern voice to tell her that scissors are only for PAPER.

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June is seen here using this puzzle as a prop to make her look smarter than her age.

And this is June when you ask her to smile for the camera.

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June – 18 Months

June is now 18 months old!  She is our tiny tornado, rushing about from one room to the next causing destruction wherever she goes.   She loves to give hugs and kisses, especially to Jack and Jacey.  In the morning when June sees Jack getting his shoes and coat on to go to the bus, she sits down and tries to put her own shoes on.  She holds on to Jack’s hand while walking down the driveway.  She gives him a kiss and waves when the bus drives away.  June can climb down from the tower in the kitchen, but not up.  Instead she walks over to it and says “UP!”  She loves to read “Good night Moon” and “Red Shirt, Blue Shirt” before naps.  June watches the birds at the feeder and will sign “bird” when she sees one.  She likes to have all three of the baby dolls in her crib at nap time.  She covers them up and kisses them all and lays down so I can cover her and kiss her.  June climbs on the couch in the sunroom to watch Sloppy the guinea pig.  We always know when she’s petting him from her squeals of happiness.  When she wants a drink, she walks to the fridge and signs “more milk” and when we ask her if she wants a drink of milk, she’ll clap.  She is very smiley and cuddly and always wants to be in on the action.

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No Switch is Safe

See this girl?  Don’t let that smile fool you, she is trouble.

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Yesterday we woke up to a very chilly house.  Unusually chilly.  After Justin went to work, I started to investigate.  The thermostat read 54 degrees, but after testing it, I determined the thermostat was not the problem.  So I took June downstairs with me to look at the furnace to see if anything looked unusual.  I set June down and started looking for any sort of instructions or lights and in the two seconds it took me to kneel down in front of the furnace, June toddled over to the power switch on the side and flipped it like nobody’s business.  She continued on her way around the basement while the furnace kicked on, fan started up, lights a blazing.  It was like she had SWITCHED THAT SWITCH BEFORE.

I guess we shouldn’t have taught her how to flip off the lights.

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This girl…

Now can get to the Legos.  Nothing is safe.  She has figured out that if she pushes something, anything over to the table, she can climb on it and BUILD LEGOS.  Or destroy them, whatever mood she is in.

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First Haircut

Today I took June to get her first haircut.  Jacey was so excited and wanted her hair cut too so she could “show June how to sit really really still.”  Jacey got bangs and about an inch trimmed off.  She loves her bangs especially that her hair stays out of her face.  We went to Great Clips and were the only people there, so both girls got their hair cut at the same time.  June sat so very nice and still.  Every now and then she would look for Jacey to see what she was doing, and then she would look at herself in the mirror and smile.  She did such a good job!  The nice ladies there gave them each a sticker and a little certificate with a lock of June’s hair from her first haircut!

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Tiny Stegosaurus

After our fort building day, Jacey had some left over clothespins lying around.  She decided to put them on June to make her look like a tiny stegosaurus.

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