Birthday Boy

I’m behind on posting, but last week was Jack’s birthday.  He turned 5!  I wished him a Happy Birthday when he got up and asked him how old he was now, and he said “four.”  I said, no that he was five today.  He looked at me and said, “I’m not five until I blow out five candles mommy, so until then I’m still four.”   So here is a picture of him finally turning five.

This past Saturday we met Grandma and Papa at the Wildlife Sanctuary.  It was a beautiful day and a good way to celebrate my birthday.  We saw a lot of animals and the kids loved exploring.

After the Wildlife Sanctuary, we headed to Grandma and Papa’s house for the weekend.  We had a lunch party on Sunday to celebrate Jack’s birthday, my birthday, Papa’s birthday and Mother’s Day.  We always do it with one big get-together with Uncle Jesse and soon to be Auntie Kolia, and Great Grandma Bette and Great Grandpa Bob.  Jack got his first real bike and had a blast riding it around the barnyard.  He also got some more legos.  Jack does a great job building them on his own, but sometimes is a little slower then the big boys would like.  They tend to hover.  We also let Jack blow out the candles on the “mud run” cake we all shared on Sunday.

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Nap time

Jack likes to snuggle with June right before nap time.  We read two books of Jack and Jacey’s choosing, and then Jack typically asks for me to put June in his bed while I go tuck Jacey in her bed.  So I snuggle June under the covers with him and he talks to her and shows her his Bowie bears and covers her up with his blanket.  It’s becoming a very cute routine now.

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First Day of School!

Today was Jack’s first day of 4K!  I took an “off to school” picture outside before we left and the whole time he complained it was too sunny that he couldn’t smile right. Of course Jacey needed to be in one too, so I took another of the two of them.

Jack walked right into his room, greeted his teacher and found his “locker” to hang his backpack.  He also picked his name tag out of a big stack and sat down at the table to play Legos until everyone else arrived.  There was so much commotion he hardly noticed when Jacey and I left.  Jacey and I ran errands this morning and she talked non-stop.  I guess she felt the need to fill in the quiet with her own chatter!  When we picked Jack up from school I was asking him all about his morning.  The only thing he could remember so far was that when he has to go potty, he doesn’t need to ask, he can just go.  Apparently that was really important to know!

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Culverts and Lava

Jacey’s animals no longer get simple wooden block pens.  Jack explained to me that since it has been raining so much on the animals, their pens started flooding.  He needed to build culverts into all the pens so that the water would run out of them and the animals feet would stay dry.  Also, since some of the pens are so big, they needed two culverts to get rid of all the water.

Today our lunch conversation was about volcanoes.  I am not sure where this came from exactly, but I’m guessing he was talking to Justin about them since he would ask me a question, I would answer, and then he would patiently explain to me the *right* answer.  For example, Jack asked me how volcanoes worked.  I said that the earth has a crust, and under the crust is hot melted rock, which flows out of holes called volcanoes.  He said that wasn’t right, the earth is made of plates that move and there is magma under them and where there are spaces between the plates it can make a volcano.   Then he asked me what lava was.  I said it was hot melted rock that comes out of the volcano.  He said that is kinda right, the lava flows out where there is a hole in the plate after the pressure builds up.  Then he looked at me and asked me if I knew how a geyser worked.  I was starting to learn my lesson, so I said that it was where magma heated up water and made steam and water shoot out of a hole in the plates of the earth’s crust.  He told me he thought this was right, but I didn’t say anything about pressure, and he knew there was pressure, lots and lots of pressure.  After this lengthy conversation about lava and volcanoes and geysers, he finally turned to me and said, “Lava cools off and makes rocks, but did you also know Mommy that there is WOOD that turns into rocks?!?  It’s petrified and I’m going to ask Daddy all about that next.”

Great, can’t wait for the quiz to start on that tomorrow.

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What Could Be More Exciting…

….Than the “Northern Tool and Equipment” Catalog, boasting “10,000 TOOLS INSIDE!”

Nothing.  There is nothing more exciting.  Anyone with knowledge on generators, electric motors, chainsaws or the like is welcome to come over and answer the 10,000 + questions that are to ensue about the tools inside. My knowledge is severly lacking.  I’ve already been told to call Daddy, the uncles, and Papop because my explanations just aren’t detailed enough.

Now Jack is awake from his nap, which frightens me.  He’s had two hours of laying in his bed dreaming up more questions about tools.  And equipment. Good thing the catalog has somewhat detailed descriptions, when all else fails, I can just read those for a bed time story.

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His Mind is Always Working

Here is Jack engineering a water fountain by hooking up the hose in a slot in the wheelbarrow.  He explained to me that he is filling the wheelbarrow with water so it runs over into a bucket, which runs onto a shovel, which pours into the hollow tool box handle to fill the pool.  I should have gotten a picture of the whole rig, but you get the idea.

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We have had so much rain lately, it’s getting ridiculous.  The other day we had another downpour, this one was without thunder or lightning, so we let the kids run around it and have fun.  They both love the rain, except when it comes down so hard it hurts their head.  Jack came up with a brilliant solution for this… using a bucket from the garage to cover his head.  Jacey had to follow suite of course.

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It’s strawberry picking time!  This year I thought I would take Jack with me to see how he would like it.  We headed out one morning, just the two of us.  He picked out a bucket at home so he could pick all his own berries. When we got to the strawberry patch, we got to ride on a wagon behind a tractor out to the picking fields.  We got assigned our row and started picking.  Jack filled his bucket about halfway and then sat down in the row to start eating them.  And asking questions… about all the bugs he saw and the irrigation pipes and the porta-potties and the little orange flags we had to carry until we stopped picking and why the guy next to him had so many more berries than I did and could I please pick him some more berries because his bucket was now empty.  I think everyone in the rows around us was throughly entertained. He ended up picking another half pail full and then we decided we were done.  We were out there about an hour total and he said he had a lot of fun and wanted to do it again.  We headed back to the car and paid for our berries.  Jack carefully put his pail in the car and said that only he got to eat his berries, but maybe he would share with Jacey since she didn’t get to ride behind the tractor.   When we got home, he got out his berries, showed them proudly to Justin, and then set down the pail on the little table in the backyard and made two piles, one for him to eat and one for Jacey to eat.

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Class in the Pool

Jack started swimming lessons last week, but I can’t call them that because he doesn’t WANT to go to swimming lessons, he just wants to go to a fun class in the pool.  So today he had his second day of his fun class in the pool.   He floated on his back, blew bubbles, jumped in off the side and practiced his kicking.  I took a few pictures through the glass today, as Jacey and I sit out in the lobby to watch.

While Jack was swimming, Jacey stayed busy either playing with her animals on the table in the lobby or watching Jack.  Everytime Jack was with the teacher Jacey would say “Look, there is Jack floating!  Hey, there is Jack swimming!”  The lady next to us laughed and said she knew which kid was mine.  The animals on the table even got to turn to watch Jack swim.

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The Chicken Leg

This weekend we helped celebrate my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary.  They had a big party at a banquet hall with all sorts of family and friends.  Jack and Jacey have been looking forward to it all week.  I asked Jack what he was most excited for (I thought for sure it would be cake) and he said, “To eat my OWN chicken leg on the bone.  And I guess cake too.”  So all week all we heard about was the fact that he wanted to eat his own chicken leg ON THE BONE.  He was very specific about that, he did not want us to pull it off or help him cut it, he wanted to do it himself.

I must note, in the second picture he said “the chicken leg is still to hot to eat but I’ll hold it and pretend so you can take my picture mommy.”

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