On Mother’s Day weekend we held “Quadfest” at our house, and celebrated with brunch and cake.  The Uncles dubbed the occasion “Quadfest” due to celebrating Jack’s birthday, my birthday, Papa’s birthday and Mother’s day all in one.  It was a beautiful day so we ate under the maple tree and opened gifts and played in the yard.  Jack tried to squirt everyone with his new squirt gun.  Jacey got to use Jack’s new beach towel to lay on.  June helped me assemble my lego figures and then was happy pulling the heads on and off and on and off.

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Once nap time hit, Jack came inside to quietly assemble his new lego.  Uncle Jeff was happy to help him out with that.  Jacey and Papa each took a couch to nap on.  Jacey even let Papa use her blanket.  June had to nap in her crib, but fell right asleep after all the commotion.


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June – 18 Months

June is now 18 months old!  She is our tiny tornado, rushing about from one room to the next causing destruction wherever she goes.   She loves to give hugs and kisses, especially to Jack and Jacey.  In the morning when June sees Jack getting his shoes and coat on to go to the bus, she sits down and tries to put her own shoes on.  She holds on to Jack’s hand while walking down the driveway.  She gives him a kiss and waves when the bus drives away.  June can climb down from the tower in the kitchen, but not up.  Instead she walks over to it and says “UP!”  She loves to read “Good night Moon” and “Red Shirt, Blue Shirt” before naps.  June watches the birds at the feeder and will sign “bird” when she sees one.  She likes to have all three of the baby dolls in her crib at nap time.  She covers them up and kisses them all and lays down so I can cover her and kiss her.  June climbs on the couch in the sunroom to watch Sloppy the guinea pig.  We always know when she’s petting him from her squeals of happiness.  When she wants a drink, she walks to the fridge and signs “more milk” and when we ask her if she wants a drink of milk, she’ll clap.  She is very smiley and cuddly and always wants to be in on the action.

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Karate Kid

He said he can’t smile, he needs to have discipline to keep a straight face.

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Tiny Tornado

I have to note the day that started out with me finding the maple syrup in the bathroom. After taking Jack to the bus stop, I was tidying up the bathroom and there was the maple syrup bottle on the floor by the diaper pail.  I’m guessing it was June and her new love of opening all the cupboard doors on the kitchen island where we store all the pantry type goods.

While I was putting the syrup away, I heard a crash, and there was June by the Christmas tree with a broken ornament.  Justin and I tried to hang all the breakable ones up high, but Jack or Jacey must have found one before we did and hung it too low.

While I was vacuuming that up, I turned around and June had dirt spread all over the floor from the large houseplant that sits in the corner of the sunroom.  Usually it’s all blocked off, but in the rearranging to fit the tree, she found an opening and got through it.  You know how they say that mice can squeeze through an opening even smaller than the size of their head?  So can June.

I moved June again and confined her to the pack-n-play for awhile, and continued to vacuum.  Once that was finished I let June back out again for awhile and not three seconds later I found her clutching a glue stick… with tiny teeth marks in it.  And glue in her hair and on her hands and on the side of her face.

Here she is all cleaned up and not LEAVING MY SIGHT… and trying to wear the potholders as a scarf.

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We are thankful for toys and cousins to play with…

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We are thankful for food and family….

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We are thankful for homework and asking everyone what their favorite kind of pie was and charting it on a graph.

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June – 9 Months

We all took June to the doctor for her 9 month checkup.  Jack and Jacey peppered the doctor with questions about what he was doing and if June would need a shot.  June didn’t really like the doctor, she has a bit of a dislike for strangers at the moment,  but both kids tried to make her feel better by telling her how nice the doctor was.

June – 9 months: 19 lbs 10 oz, 27 1/4″ long

Jacey – 9 months: 18 lbs 9 oz, 27 1/4″ long

Jack – 10 months: 20 lbs 8 oz, 29 ” long

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EAA Air Show

After nap time I loaded the kids up in the van and we drove down to meet Justin at work.  This week has been the EAA AirVenture at the airport and he can see the air show from his work parking lot.  We threw in a blanket and Justin picked up subs and we had a picnic.  The kids were so excited to see the “loop-de-loop” planes.  We actually saw quite a few from the highway.  Jack and Jacey then proceeded to narrate how many loops and when the planes went up and down the whole rest of the drive.  We found a shade tree on the grass at the edge of the parking lot and set up our picnic.  We stayed for about an hour and a half watching all the planes, it was really neat!

Of course after awhile, looking for cool bugs on trees was just as fun.

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The Kids’ Vacation

Jack, Jacey and June got to go on vacation to Grandma and Papa’s house for three days while Justin and I went to Hodag. When I asked the kids what they did on vacation, Jack said, “I got to make pancakes with Papa, and he let ME do the FLIPPING.  ALL BY MYSELF! Can we make pancakes at home so I can flip them and show you how to do it Mommy?”  Jacey said, “Grandma got a new washing machine and it goes mrrrrep, mrrrep, mrreeep, and then it goes the other way and we watched it and then it sprays in more water!”  So pancakes and a new washing machine can keep the kids occupied all weekend long.

Grandma put a rug down on the floor for the kids to sit on while they watched the washing machine.  All their clothes came home clean, I guess Grandma was looking for dirty clothes to keep the audience captivated! All they needed was some popcorn, Grandma…

June had a great time too, she just had less to say about it…


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Best Friends

Tara and I met in college our freshman year and somewhere between our biology and english classes we really hit it off.  She left MTU after that year and transferred to LSSU. We kept in touch. We graduated and found jobs. We kept in touch.  We actually lived within 40 minutes of each other for about a year in 2005 and then she moved and I moved, and yet we still kept in touch. She lives in Ohio and stays at home with her two kids who are about the exact same ages as Jack and Jacey.  We joke that we are leading parallel lives a few states apart. So after six years of not seeing each other, we finally met up over the weekend and let our kids meet and play together and have the kind of play date we always talk about doing… if we lived closer.  It was like we saw each other yesterday. The kids played in the water, shared toys, dug in the sand. We had a picnic and chatted about our weekends, family, things going on. Then around nap time, we each had to go our separate directions, but hopefully we can make this an annual event. I miss you Tara!

Tara posing with all the kiddos… Jacey, Charlie, Ida, June, and Jack.  Also, our picnic was fabulous, Ida shared her leftover birthday cupcakes!


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4th of July…

…was a few weeks ago, but I was going through pictures today and thought I’d try to catch up.  We spent the weekend at the cottage keeping cool in the river.  We took a walk to Slippery Rock, but the water was too high so we didn’t take the kids sliding down it.. yet.  We stopped at the Dam and walked to the bottom because Jack needed to inspect it from another angle.

We caught crayfish in the river.  Jack was like a tiny mad scientist with all his containers in a row.  They all held different size crayfish and he would pour them back and forth until all the crayfish were in the right kind of order.

June and Jacey enjoyed the pool a bit more.  June got her toes dipped in and didn’t quite know what to make of it at first.  Jacey kept Uncle Jeff cool by keeping his toes all wet.

After playing real life battle ship for awhile, the kids needed a nap.  Jack tried to take over Papa’s napping chair in the screen house.  He said he would just “relax” in it for a minute and then Papa could have it.

Saturday night were the fireworks.  This year Jack and Jacey really enjoyed them… after we bought them kid size ear protection.  We even got June a pair and once she got used to them on her head, she fell right asleep.  Jack and Jacey also got to use their first sparklers ever.  Jacey called them “big candles” and wanted to be in on that action right away.


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