More Spring Break Fun

PJ day at home and sent Drew a good morning picture.


Jacey discovered how fun video games can be when played on the big tv.  Jack and Jacey were a team and played together for their game time.


On Wednesday we went to visit the uncles.  Uncle Jesse was home working in his shop and he took a break every now and then to goof around.  June brought her bike, Jacey brought her scooter and Jack brought his pogo stick to keep busy in the yard.


On Thursday we went to Papa’s work because we had never seen his office.  He took us out to lunch and got everyone ice cream!

image image image

Afterward, Papa had to go back to work, but we found a neat boardwalk to walk.


We ended our week with the GIANT BOX we acquired from Nana.  Took me 20 minutes of rearranging to fit it in the van, but it has been used for hours of play time.  It is a time machine and a space ship and a castle and the Tardis.


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Sean & Seth

Today we got to play with our friends Sean and Seth. They came to our house for the afternoon so their parents could go out to dinner. The kids enjoyed having “little brothers” to play with!

image image


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We decided to get out of the house for the day and so we hopped in the car for a trip to the NEW ZOO. We texted Uncle Jeff on the way and he met us there. It was chilly, so not a lot of people were there.  It was nice to be out in the sunshine.  Went for a late lunch at Subway and the kids napped in the car on the way home.

image image image image image


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New Project

I’ve had my eye out for a way to make a nicer looking litter box/food box setup for Stanley bunny.  Since he is lives in our living room I wanted something more furniture-like than the cage setup.  Nana donated her old toy box to us to experiment on.  June and I sanded the toy box and Justin cut a hole for a door.  It turned out quite well and Stanley seems to really like it.

IMG_7759 IMG_7760 IMG_7761

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Jacey is 6!

Jacey had a great birthday weekend.  We had a LOT of stuff going on!  Thursday night we made s’mores on a stick for her school birthday treat.  Jacey and June were good helpers getting the marshmallows on the stick and chocolate on the crackers…and eating everything in between.

Friday after school we were invited to a “Frozen” party!  There would be decorations, crafts, snowflake sandwiches, and a viewing of the movie frozen.  14 kids, 5 moms, lots of food.  We made puppy chow with purple and maroon m&m’s because those seemed to go with the theme.  The kids had a great time!  They spent their time playing, coloring, and singing along to the movie.

Saturday Jacey had soccer and then two of her friends came over to play, eat macaroni, do a few crafts, have a cupcake and open presents.  The girls were very well behaved and seemed to really enjoy the stickers and foam door hangers that we had for them to work on.

Jacey had a great party!  Afterward she got invited to see a St Patty’s Day parade with her friend Madelyn.  We followed it all up with Chinese food for dinner and movie all snuggled up on the couch.

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Ice Cream

June wanted Daddy to help her by holding her ice cream cone so the ice cream wouldn’t drip on her fingers.  Until he helped her by eating part of it, then she didn’t want his help anymore!

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First Day of School!

Jack’s first day of Second Grade!

Jacey’s first day of Kindergarten!


June was very sad when Jack and Jacey both got on the bus.  She ran up to the bus doors and said “Me go too!!”  She cried all the way home.  She stopped crying when she realized she had all the toys to herself…

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Family Photo

We thought it was time to update the family photo.  Everyone was in a good mood and it went pretty quickly.  I think they turned out really nice!

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The kids were excited for Halloween!!  This year the girls asked me to make them a witch dress, so I used a pattern I had along with some retro material from my stash.  They turned out pretty cute and now we can put them in our dress up bucket! Jack got to search through Nana’s “Bucket o’costumes” and decided to wear the special forces guy outfit.  The kids were excited to run up to the doors and ring the door bell and after the first couple of houses, June got the hang of it.  Jack and Jacey were doing very well helping her up to the door… until a man dressed like a vampire scared her.  After that, June was done.  No more doors for her.  She and I walked home and had dinner ready for everyone else when they returned.

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June will be TWO years old on the 18th, but since Granny and Grumps were coming to visit, we had the first of her birthday celebrations.  I almost think her favorite part was when everyone sang to her… at first she wasn’t sure what was going on, then she realized that all the fuss was for her.  She opened up new monkey pjs, which she had to put on immediately, a new monkey shirt/pants, and a stuffed Yoda, whose light-saber is perfect for gnawing.

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